Welcome to monastir.co.uk, a travel and hotel guide that covers the resort of Monastir, a leading holiday destination that hugs Tunisia’s central coastline. In this guide you will find key information on holidays (package or otherwise), flights and hotels, Monastir Airport information, as well as a full range of the many activities that the area has to offer.

As you would come to expect in Africa, Tunisia exhibits a beautiful stretch of bleach-white beaches and clear-blue ocean waters, which is why so many tourists make the trip down here. It is not just because of this, however. The climate is as much of a draw as anything, with temperatures soaring into the 20s and 30s during summertime.

This region especially, whilst offering luxury in its natural beauty, is also suitably equipped with a wide range of accommodation options. The majority of hotels range from 2 to 5-star, with many of the high-end establishments boasting their own private section of beach. With plenty of on-site entertainment to keep you and the rest of the family happy, you almost need not venture too far out of this area, but the great thing is, whether you choose to be energetic or not, Monastir caters for every need.