Monastir’s climate is ideal, particularly in summer, with heat, mass amounts of sunshine and little rainfall.

Amid the low humidity, summer’s heat is searing and is experienced from June till September. As such, it is recommended to be scrupulous about the amount of time you do actually spend in it. In the peak months temperatures hit 29C in June and then onwards and upwards to 33C for July and August. It has been known to go higher than 40C, too. Nights can be like a sauna, with temperatures, although dropping, still around 20C.

Expect around 12 hours a day of sunshine with rainfall and thunderstorms very rare occurrences.

Autumn, in October and November, is considerably more bearable, with temperatures moving around the mid-20s to a low of 21C. Night time is also much more comfortable, at roughly 17C. November-time can get slightly chillier at night but overall this is the perfect time to visit Monastir, getting away from the sweltering summer of crowds and still being able to enjoy a relatively warm sea as you move into spring-time.

Winter runs from December until February, with temperatures much milder and colder. Night-times are especially cold, almost freezing at times, but  daytime temperatures can range from 7C – 16C. Rainfall is still quite low and the sun still shines for roughly six hours per day.

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